Awesome song of the day Ω002 – “And… Die”

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And… Die

#hiphop ; 2018

I never heard about Śliwa before. I discovered him while I was doing research about good diss songs in polish hip-hop.

I discovered this song some times ago and I really liked. One of the most chilled diss I heard in Polish Hip-hop.

It is part of the bigger brawl between a few rapers. In my personal opinion,  after listen to all disses between Białas vs Śliwa, this song is the best as I believe Śliwa won because of better music, better lyrics and much better punchlines. 

When I heard this song first, I listen almost all the time while I was on the train challenge that I did this year ( Dom’s 32 Hours On Trains In the UK Challenge). These days  I like to listen this song on foggy days while I walk somewhere and think about things that annoy me.   

Song can be found here: