Awesome song of the day Ω005 – ZBUKU – To więcej niż Muzyka

Awesome song of the day is a list of song that stuck in my mind. Read more about it in introduction post:

ZBUKU ft. Rover

To więcej niż Muzyka

#hiphop ; 2013

This is a second song made by Zbuku I like. The previous song “Witam Cię w Polsce”, I liked that song for patriotic lyrics.

This song reminds me song Eis feat Pezet – “Teraz albo nigdy” from 2003 as it has the very similar style.

I like this song for classic polish music style (a simple loop) and video clip. I am a big fan of railways and especially abandoned and unloved architecture really, so any song with shots of railways are always welcomed.

Lyrics .. well …

“Mama, nie placz. jestem Rover. Znowu gram za szacunek”

Mom, don’t cry I am Rover(which sounds like a bike). I am playing for respect.


To be honest … this kind of lyrics is not my cup of tea, so I can’t judge. What I can say that the unique voice of Zbuku matches the music well.

It is fantastic to tune to listen while you think about life and walk on the street or travel on the train.