Coolpointer.004: Google Street View of ISS

Read more about it in my introduction: Google Street View added some time ago an ability to see the international space station (Cupola observational module). If you are interested in space exploration, check it out. It is incredible to see how this module looks like.

Coolpointer.002 – Pyongyang’s half maraton.

What is a Coolpointer? Check here: Coolpointer: Introduction "What I saw running 26 miles in a Stalinist dictatorship." by Will Philipps is an interesting article about guy who run marathon in North Korea. He described Pyongyang as "The aesthetic of Pyongyang is old-fashioned and kitsch, frozen in the 1960s" and for him "The most striking part of… Continue reading Coolpointer.002 – Pyongyang’s half maraton.