USS Moor Park

Station and Area:

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

There is one coffee place but I didn’t try it.

Is Good pub nearby?


Is Good restaurant nearby?

None. I went to Peking Garden. It is an average Chinese restaurant.

Is interesting places to see nearby?

None. However, if you like to see expensive houses and mansion then you should come here.

Interesting walks nearby?

There is London LOOP walk nearby.

1. toward Hatch end(

2. toward Harefield West (

USS Dominik: Pimlico

Basic info:
Opened. 14.09.1972  and that’s all what I can really say about this area. Pimlico station looks quite ordinary but I managed to find few interesting facts:

  • It is the only station on the Victoria line which does not have an interchange with another Underground/Overground line and/or national rail.
  • It is the least used station on Victoria line.
  • This station was last open on Victoria line.

When I started walk around my first impression was … this place looks dodgy as I saw a few weird people but while I  walk around I discovered that Pimlico has an interesting architectural mix and has few interesting little independent shop with cheese ,Italian food and old cameras.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

My favourite place for coffee is Gastronomia Italia  (8 Upper Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1SH). It is small independent place  where they sell good Italian food and really decent coffee.

Is Good pub nearby?

My favorite pub in this area is Windsor Castle but it is near Victoria Station. I like architecture and ambience . They selling Samuel smith beers.

Is Good restaurant nearby?

If you fancy a British breakfast then there is an amazing place called Regency Cafe ( Customer service is unique as the man shouting at you and you can sit on table only when you have a


USS Dominik: Chesham

USS stands for underground secret search and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:


    The station was opened on 8 July 1889. Accidentally,  I have visited this station on the 128th anniversary of the opening.

    You can get here by Tube (Metropolitan line to Chesham, Zone 9*). It takes just … 74 minutes from Aldgate to Chesham. It is a very beautiful little station with old water tower, signal box and very lovely garden in the place where was track to another platform.

    I am very perplexed about Chesham. From one side it is a very beautiful little town with a decent high street that has a few local shops, big park, nice houses, churches ( St. Mary’s Church) and many places for a walk (I recommend Chess Valley Walk)  but … I had a feeling that Chesham is in decline. It looks like council just abandon this place. Park looks lovely but is lie shit mind field and pond looks like sewage tank. I want to go to Chesham Museum to learn more about Chesham but unfortunately, they just closed down during a lack of funding. 

Is any Good independent coffee place nearby?

I didn’t see any.

Is any good pub nearby?

    I didn’t find any local pub yet. Queen’s Head is a Fuller’s chain. I like this place for a unique character. They have a few popular craft beer. Beers are reasonably priced.

Is any good restaurant nearby?

    There are a few restaurants in Chesham. We tried Queen’s Head which is a pub with Thai food. The place is family (you can bring a child in pram) and dog-friendly which is always a plus. The food was OK but I get one of the tiniest portions of rice I ever had. 

    I tried also sandwich in Sandwich bar on High Street. It was  OK’ish, but it is worth to mention that they charge me £3  but price everywhere was £2.95. I have a rule, that if this kind of thing happens I never go there again. I do NOT recommend a Sandwich bar.

Is interesting places to see nearby?

  1. High Street
  2. Chesham Clock Tower
  3. Chesham War Memorial
  4. A few religious places

Interesting walks nearby?

There are many good walks. Check this website for details

On this blog, you can find my experience from some of these walks.

Trivia and other interesting and non-interesting  facts:

  1. In movie The Imitation Game, 73 Church Street in Chesham appears as Alan Turing’s lodging house in Bletchley (Source: Wikipedia)
  2. Chesham station is around 40 km north-west of central London (measured from a famous place in Trafalgar Square near Charing Cross, making it the furthest London Underground station from central London.
  3. It is a northernmost London Underground Station.
  4. It is a westernmost London Underground Station.
  5. The distance between Chesham and Chalfont & Latimer is the longest between stations on the London Underground network.


Chesham station looks great. Chesham as a place is like heaven for people who love work in the city, have access to an endless amount of events but relax in a peaceful place. It is something which I always dream about it. Unfortunately, this place looks like is decaying and beauty is dying, therefore, you should see it before it lost its magic.

*) Yes, Zone 9 exists in London … well, it is outside of London, but Zone 9 exits on Tube.


Some Chesham citizen (Geoff Marshall/Londonist) (Wikipedia)