USS Dominik: Pimlico

Basic info:
Opened. 14.09.1972  and that’s all what I can really say about this area. Pimlico station looks quite ordinary but I managed to find few interesting facts:

  • It is the only station on the Victoria line which does not have an interchange with another Underground/Overground line and/or national rail.
  • It is the least used station on Victoria line.
  • This station was last open on Victoria line.

When I started walk around my first impression was … this place looks dodgy as I saw a few weird people but while I  walk around I discovered that Pimlico has an interesting architectural mix and has few interesting little independent shop with cheese ,Italian food and old cameras.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

My favourite place for coffee is Gastronomia Italia  (8 Upper Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1SH). It is small independent place  where they sell good Italian food and really decent coffee.

Is Good pub nearby?

My favorite pub in this area is Windsor Castle but it is near Victoria Station. I like architecture and ambience . They selling Samuel smith beers.

Is Good restaurant nearby?

If you fancy a British breakfast then there is an amazing place called Regency Cafe ( Customer service is unique as the man shouting at you and you can sit on table only when you have a


USS Dominik : Underground Secrets Search : Introduction

USS Dominik is sort of acronym for Underground Secrets Search by Dominik.

This is a 5 years mission: to explore strange new stations, to seek out new places and new civilizations, to boldly go where I didn’t bother to have gone before … eee … I got a bit too StarTreky. Am I?

This is my idea to explore and discover London. I came across this idea, because near the place where I live. Vibrant local shops disappeared in scary rate and they are replaced by soulless chains, charity shops, and property management.

I watch catch what is left before it will devour by clones of the same.

For each place I am planning write a short entry where  I will try find interesting places and facts about it station and surrounding area.

I will look for independent coffee shops, pubs, and unique restaurant.

I will see are they any interesting walks to do nearby.

I will do some pictures of interesting places.


I am planning to do this on weekly basis, but I will start from 1 note per 2 weeks in the first 3 months.

I started on 1 July 2017 and I am planning to complete this quest by 1 July 2022.