This is a gateway to my existence in the virtual world, so you don’t need NSA, MI6 and other special agency to collect information about me.


The blog aims to improve my written English by writing about stuff I am interested in Trains, Airplanes, Runs, Walks, Wroclaw and China.

I have a series of Walks & Runs, Quests, Challenges and Train/Airplane trips, USS Dominik (exploring London by visiting each tube station), reviews and IT blog ( Blog on blogger where I wrote solution to problems in my journey as a software developer.

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Nutrition information:

  • Energy : 0 kcal/page.
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  • Fat: 0g/page I’m fat, but my page isn’t.
  • Salt : 0g/page.
  • Fibre: a little bit used in the connection between servers and you.

Allergy information:

  • Page has a lot of sarcastic jokes.
  • The site is NOT suitable for vegan and other weird fanatics.
  • The site does NOT require Adobe something and Microsoft something to work.
  • You can download if you want, but I don’t know where you can find it and is useless on this site.

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