I am a big fan of the trains. As a child, I always wanted to train/tram/bus driver. These days I think it is an excellent job because you can enjoy stunning views of the country. Sadly, I never chose this carrier. i know for you travelling is just train but for me is an experience. I love to travel by train because I don’t need to drive so I can enjoy views, drink beer, listen to awesome music and read the book/do something creative/think about life. I love infrastructure


  1. British Rail Class 153 (Arriva Wales Trains) [UK]
  2. British Rail Class 158/Express Sprinter (Arriva Wales Trains)
  3. British Rail Class 165 (Chiltern Railways)
  4. British Rail Class 168 (Chiltern Railways)
  5. British Class 185 (first transpennine express) [2018]
  6. British Class 220/Voyager (Cross Country) [2018]
  7. British Class 220/Super Voyager (Virgin Trains) [2010]
  8. British Rail Class 350/ Siemens Desiro (London Midland) [2010]
  9. British Rail Class 373/TGV TMST (Eurostar) [2017]
  10. British Rail Class 374/Siemens Velaro (Eurostar) [2017]
  11. British Rail Class 390/Pendolino (Virgin Trains) [2007]
  12. British Rail Mark 3 “Pretendolino” (Virgin Trains) 
  13. Fuxing Hao/ CR400AF Chinese build high-speed train [2017]
  14. Siemens Velaro/British Rail Class 374 [2017]
  15. Eurostar TGV/British Rail Class 373 [2017]
  16. Siemens Desiro/British class 350 [2008]
  17. Pendolino/British class 390 [2007]
  18. CRH3 (Siemens Velaro ) [2012]
  19. CRH2 (E2-1000 Series Shinkansen) [2012]
  20. Metropolitan Steam Locomotive No. 1 [2013]
  21. Metropolitan Railway Electric Locomotive No.12 ‘Sarah Siddons’. [2013]
  22. ex British Rail 1950s coach (British Rail Class 438, 4-TC)) [2013]


Dom’s 32 Hours On Trains In the UK Challenge 


Dom’s 2 homes, 1 European Union train quest


Trans-Siberian Railway

      I want to travel between Moscow and Vladivostok. Distance is just 9289 km. The only problem is I need music on this adventure, so I need to buy a bunch of battery packs for my phone.

Ride a train as a train driver

        This was my another childhood dream. I always dreamed of being a tram/bus/train driver. When I grew up, then I still think about being a train driver but not as a job, but I hope to have a chance to drive a train someday. If you got time and money, I am planning to travel across Europe on the train.

British train trips