I am a big fan of the trains. As a child, I always wanted to train/tram/bus driver. These days I think it is an excellent job because you can enjoy stunning views of the country

Many people asked me why I like to travel so much on the train (or even airplane). What’s the point? For me, it is a hobby like collecting cards in Hearthstones, racing on the bike, do some church activities. I am aware that for you, train or airplane is just the can or cage. For me, it is an amazing piece of engineering that allows me to experience things that were unthinkable a few years back. It allows me to move from one place to another and see places I always dream of seeing or just being there.

While you are stressed out about travel, I feel thrilled when I can drink coffee/beer, read a book/write something and enjoying the view from the window and enjoy a visual treat of natural beauty, stunning countryside landscape, an impressive masterpiece of humankind engineering or breathtaking views from 10km above the earth. I am humbled to create opportunities to experience that.


  1. British Rail Class 153 (Arriva Wales Trains) [UK]
  2. British Rail Class 158/Express Sprinter (Arriva Wales Trains)
  3. British Rail Class 165 (Chiltern Railways)
  4. British Rail Class 168 (Chiltern Railways)
  5. British Class 185 (first transpennine express) [2018]
  6. British Class 220/Voyager (Cross Country) [2018]
  7. British Class 220/Super Voyager (Virgin Trains) [2010]
  8. British Rail Class 350/ Siemens Desiro (London Midland) [2010]
  9. British Rail Class 373/TGV TMST (Eurostar) [2017]
  10. British Rail Class 374/Siemens Velaro (Eurostar) [2017]
  11. British Rail Class 390/Pendolino (Virgin Trains) [2007]
  12. British Rail Mark 3 “Pretendolino” (Virgin Trains) 
  13. Fuxing Hao/ CR400AF Chinese build high-speed train [2017]
  14. Siemens Velaro/British Rail Class 374 [2017]
  15. Eurostar TGV/British Rail Class 373 [2017]
  16. Siemens Desiro/British class 350 [2008]
  17. Pendolino/British class 390 [2007]
  18. CRH3 (Siemens Velaro ) [2012]
  19. CRH2 (E2-1000 Series Shinkansen) [2012]
  20. Metropolitan Steam Locomotive No. 1 [2013]
  21. Metropolitan Railway Electric Locomotive No.12 ‘Sarah Siddons’. [2013]
  22. ex British Rail 1950s coach (British Rail Class 438, 4-TC)) [2013]


Dom’s 32 Hours On Trains In the UK Challenge 


Dom’s 2 homes, 1 European Union train quest


Trans-Siberian Railway

      I want to travel between Moscow and Vladivostok. Distance is just 9289 km. The only problem is I need music on this adventure, so I need to buy a bunch of battery packs for my phone.

Ride a train as a train driver

        This was my another childhood dream. I always dreamed of being a tram/bus/train driver. When I grew up, then I still think about being a train driver but not as a job, but I hope to have a chance to drive a train someday. If you got time and money, I am planning to travel across Europe on the train.

British train trips