How looks process of finding job as software developer part 2: Preparation

This is a NOT a professional advice.It based on my personal experience only and resources that I read on the internet. It will contain many grammar mistakes. Please drink double espresso and energy drink as the article is long and boring.
It is part of series “How looks process of finding a job as software developer”.


Before you start, you need to do a tiny preparation.
  • As I mentioned in last previous post, you need start from write down what you looking for. Motivate yourself (do a brainstorm about yourself and what you want to do to make sure, that you believe, that you can find a new job.
  • Do NOT use your primary e-mail! Create a new e-mail or use your current spam account*.
  • Do NOT use your primary mobile! Buy prepaid Sim. The reason is the same as above*.
  • Think about what you want to do. If it is your first job. I suggest look for graduate job**.
  • Remember you are like a brand. In order to be the recognizable brand, you need to apply various ‘marketing’ techniques. It is quite easy in IT because you can write some blog posts, articles, podcasts, contribute to open source*** project, open account on Github, Gitlab or BitBucket (and put your source code there)  and attend to some meetups.
  • Use Get Things Done or to-do list as an approach to handle all process and make sure that you limit the number of cases.
  • Do research about typical questions about languages and technologies that you believe you are expert at. Remember Hard preparation makes for an easy interview!
  • Prepare questions that you want ask on the interview and don’t be afraid of asking questions! Check how looks a working life, how the company is organised and everything that is important for you to be happy at work.
 *) Why? Even, if you remove yourself from websites and unsubscribed from recruiters ‘databases’, you will be still spammed by them(up to 6 months in my case).
 **) The graduate job is a type of job that is design to hiring students who are about to graduate from schools, universities or look for experience.If during study university allows you to do “sandwich year”, DO IT!
***) If you lack experience then participation in open source projects is the easiest way to get some. As a bonus, it teaches you how to cooperate with others and helps you improve your code quality through feedback from others.

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