DAT News | 001: The Last Airbus A380 has been assembled

DAT stands for Dom’s Airplane & Trains. It is a series of curated news where apart of information itself I mentioned my personal story and opinion.

After just 15 years, the last Airbus A380 has been assembled. It marks the end of the era for this remarkable aeroplane. While it is not over yet, we should still see A380 in the Sky for a while; I am worried that a Covid-19 is another nail to the coffin that grounded or force airlines to retire them earlier.

The double-decker aeroplane was a great idea, but it arrives when the industry starts shifting from big-hub approach to point-to-point thanks to Boeing’s 787.

This aeroplane enables stunning and unique designs for the first and business classes, including shower and bar! What amazed me that it was possible to order A380 in all-economy seats in can accommodate up almost 900 passengers. Can you imagine flying on Ryanair’s A380 from Wroclaw to London? I think I will feel like on London’s Underground during peak time.

I am glad that I had the privilege to fly twice on the Airbus A380.

The first time it was with Lufthansa from Beijing to Frankfurt. A380 was looking giant in comparison to other aeroplanes. It feels more spacious and comfortable in contrast to A330, Boeing 767 or Boeing 777.

The second time, I was flying with BA’s A380 from Hong Kong to London. I took this flight at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a very cosy flight, but you can feel people being a bit more worried due to covid.
It was funny to see emergency light turned on during landing.

While reading some articles about “Failure of Airbus A380”, I understood while passengers loved the aeroplane, it failed to deliver profitability levels expected by airlines. It looks like only Emirates had a good business plan. If you ever got a chance fly on Airbus A380, try it.