Dom’s train quest.2 : “2 homes, 1 European Union adventure” – Quest Synopsis

This was my second train quest. You can read about my first train quest here:

This challenge is called “2 homes, 1 European Union”. The idea is simple to travel from Wroclaw (my home in Poland) to Rickmansworth (place in the UK) by train to appreciate going freely in Europe. The main focus was to try DB trains, and I was looking forward to checking it out. More about it can be found in Part 1 (check table of contents).

It is a report where I can reflect on what was an incredible little adventure for me. I am glad that despite some technical issues with booking tickets (check part about buying a ticket, where explain in the details) and one leg of a journey that was a bit disappointing, I had great fun.

On the travel

I woke up at 3.20 and I catch train at 5.08. I arrived at London at 19.57. I should be at Rickmansworth 20:45 but I will quite likely to miss my train so my real time could be 21.15 but I decided to chill out and as result I arrived 22.06. My trip time was 16hours 7 minutes.

I split into a few parts, so it is easier to read. (I will update weekly).

Table of contents:

  • Quest Synopsis (You are here 🙂 )
  • Plan
  • Part 1; Wroclaw -> Berlin
  • Part 2; Berlin -> Cologne
  • Part 3; Cologne -> Brussels
  • Part 4; Brussels -> London
  • Part 5; London -> Rickmansworth
  • Part 6; Summary
  • Buying ticket experience
  • Exploring Wroclaw Główny

I hope, you will enjoy this read.

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