How looks process of finding job as software developer part 11: Troubleshooting.


This is a NOT a professional advice.It based on my personal experience only and resources that I read on the internet.It will contain many grammar mistakes.Please drink double espresso and energy drink as an article is long and boring.


What to do, when you have a blind mind?

It happens to everybody .. what to do, when you get too stressed and your mind go blind? I suggest taking deep breath and drink a bit of water. If you struggle, the o to toilet and relax, but don’t go to toilet every 3 minutes. Remember don’t panic when you stuck . Try to think out loud and explain your ideas.


I don’t know the answer to the question.What should I do?

It happens.However, before giving up, try:

  • If you don’t understand the question, clarify! Ask for the hint, if you are not sure.
  • Think out loud and try to get a tip, asking questions, repeating a certain statement, engaging the interviewer(s) in a thoughtful conversation. They would certainly understand the situation and share some tipping points which you should be ready to catch and relate to the ongoing reasoning.

If it is problem-solving question.Give yourself 10-30 second to think and then answer.If you have some ideas but you are not sure.. say them anyway and explain what you trying to achieve.Always fight to the end.If you don’t know, you can admit that, BUT again. If you had any thoughts mention them..interviewer can help you if can believe that your thoughts can be correct. The correct answer is one thing.Shows how you dealing in difficult situation is very important too.


How to relax before the interview?

Everybody has own way to relax. Smoking, etc. (Don’t drink alcohol, don’t take drugs, just don’t). Don’t think about interview.Treat this as simple to do task on that day and focus on plan after that .(shopping, challenge your self with extreme exercise etc.Different people using different techniques to relax and it is topic for the book and I am not expert.What I do to ?

  • I do not think about it at all.I treat going to interview as going to shop for milk.Come, Screw up and Go.
  • Think about future. I think about what else i need to do (like planning holiday with wife, new feature for my game

How to deal with sadness after rejection?

I will be honest! Shit happens. Don’t care about it.Simply. It doesn’t matter is it or it is not your fault. It matters what u learn from the interview. That’s a reason why you should always ask for honest feedback. It will be almost always a valuable experience that will pay off in the future.Don’t think “if I will not make this mistake then ..” as if you didn’t make that mistake you could always make a worse mistake, so whatever you learnt from this, it will help you in future to find better job.