How looks process of finding a job as software developer part 12: WHAT TO DO, IF YOU GET 2 AND MORE OFFERS.


This is a NOT a professional advice.It based on my personal experience only and resources that I read on the internet.It will contain many grammar mistakes.Please drink double espresso and energy drink as the article is long and boring.

WHAT TO DO, IF YOU GET 2 AND MORE OFFERS. (which one, I should choose?)

WELL DONE! You got many offers to choose from.

There are 3 important points.

  1. Most important. YOU and only YOU should make your decision.
  2. Give yourself 24-72 hours to make a decision.
  3. If you apply through external recruiters. Say to them that you need 24-72 hours and nothing else. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They want you to chose their company because they earn money from that, not because a specific company is better for you. They will use psychological tricks to make your mind. YOU MUST MAKE THIS DECISION. Don’t allow them to mess with your brain!

If You are lucky, just follow your ‘sixth sense’, otherwise… there are many ways to make a decision. You should google it and find one that it will support your decision-making process. My way is :

  1. Write down your requirements (Must have, Should have. all other minor requirements).
  2. I write down all advantages/disadvantages of each company.
  3. Give them priority (how this advantage/disadvantage is important to you) and trade-offs.
  4. Create score system and compare.
  5. Go to sleep.
  6. Make a decision in the morning. 

There are many many things to consider (not only): The team, location, commute, annual leave, the flexibility of holidays and so on.

Reminder! This is my way of making a decision. Your way to make a decision can and should be different.


  • YOU and only YOU should make your decision.
  • Give yourself some time to make a decision.
  • If You are lucky, just follow your ‘sixth sense’, otherwise… try to write down all advantages/disadvantages compare and make decisions. 
  • Give yourself 24-72 hours.


One more thing. When you make your decision let’s other company know about it and say thank you very much and stay in touch with them.It can come handy if you discover that company you chose wasn’t perfect. It shows respect to other company as recruiters do not like to pass this information.