How looks process of finding job as software developer part 13 : Conclusion

This is a NOT a professional advice. It based on my personal experience only and resources that I read on the internet. It will contain many grammar mistakes. Please drink double espresso and energy drink as the article is long and boring.



That’s all! Good luck to you!

I know, it can be hard, depressing and annoying but it worth to do proper preparation when you are looking for your next a dream/great job. Once you found it. It will be very rewarding to you.

It took me 2 months to learn all these things before I actually seriously start looking for a job.


My biggest…

  • .. success was to find an interesting job.
  • .. achievement was that I constantly follow my plan.
  • .. problem was dealing with recruiters and they waste 85% of my time.
  • .. disappointment was LinkedIn as I hoped, it will be my social network
Few misc. bullets point :