USS Dominik @ Borough

USS stands for underground secret search and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

Borough Tube Station
Borough Tube Station

The station was opened on 18.12’1890. Sadly current surface building is just small remains of the original station built by City and South London Railway.

You can get access to/from the platform via lifts or 102 steps staircase that as usual for London Underground must be used in the emergencies only.

What I really like about this staircase is they have a lovely bench to sit and rest while you are on your epic adventure to surface/the platform.


Borough has very unique mash vibe. There are various styles of buildings that exist next to each but without overall ‘theme’. It looks very confusing but it has one little advantage. If you don’t have time to explore south London then Borough is a great place as will show you various bits and pieces of what you will find in South London.

In my opinion, if you walking around Waterloo and Blackfriars area to visit for example Tate Modern then Borough is a great spot to rest and drink coffee, beverages and eat food.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

I went to The Watch House (  which an amazing little place with and the building itself has a history. It is in the place was household for the watch (precursor of the Police) to guard churchyard nearby. Latte costs £3 but it is worth price as it tastes flavourful. Service was friendly and engaging.

It is worth noting that The Watch House is cashless.

If you nearby and you are fancy coffee then I highly recommended this place!

Is Good pub nearby?

I went to The Royal Oak (  It looks spectacular as this is how I always imagined the look and feel of a traditional British pub.  It has a great selection of unique beers.  Sadly, food was a disappointment. Staff was neutral or as I call: fake friendly.

I recommended seeing this place and try local ale.

Is Good restaurant nearby?

As I ate in The Royal Oak. I didn’t try any restaurant nearby.

Interesting walks nearby?

There is no any known walks nearby.



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