USS Dominik @ Warren Street

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

warren street
warren street

This station was open on 22.06’1907 as Euston Road. I visited this station on 05.06’2018.

This station is small, but corridor seems to be quite long.  I like this station for characterful design.

Some interesting trivia about the station:

  1. The original name was Euston Road. You can still see original station name on tiles on Northen line platform.
  2. On the way out from Victoria line, you can pass corridor that has a display about the history of the London underground. On the day I went, there was the display about Women.
  3. Warren Street with King’s Cross was the first stations to get free WiFi. (
  4. Air pollution between Euston and Warren Street is one of the worse on the network with pollution levels are 6-8 times above safe limit by WHO.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

 I went to a place called Coffee, and it was a great experience. They have 3 blends to chose from. My small latte cost 3 pounds which is pricey, but you pay for quality and suitability. Coffee. Cofee looks fantastic at the taste even better. The place itself looks like the classic wooden place for hipsters. Service was good. If you in this area then it is worth pay visit.

Is Good pub nearby?

I saw a few promising places to visit, but I didn’t have time as I was on lunch break.

Is Good restaurant nearby?

I didn’t explore restaurant here yet.

Is any compelling places to see nearby?

There is a Fitzroy Square a few minutes away. It is one of few remaining garden squares designed by Humphry Repton and example how green space adds to the beauty of city area.

More about it you can read in my Russel Square post or check the article about the designer of this garden in this article:

Another thing is Tottenham court road is full of electronic shops where you can buy lots of interesting electronic gadgets.

Is any stunning walks nearby?


Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (