USS Dominik @ Uxbridge

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

This station was open on 04.07’1904. I visited this station on 06.06’2018


Uxbridge station is one of my favourite stations on the London Underground as It shows that concrete buildings can look cool and has lots of little remainings of how station looked in the past. My favourite element is a stained glass panel designed by Erwin Bossanyi. Station has also a cigarette vending machine(??), some odd penny machine and sign to the buffet.

Interesting historical events and Trivia

  1. This station was served by District line from 1910 until 1933 when Piccadilly line took over.
  2. It starts as a terminus for Metropolitan line but the building looks very similar to other Cockfosters station that is terminus station for Piccadilly station because was designed by the same person.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?


Sadly , I didn’t discover any good place. I tried a Coffee Break and it is an OK’ish place to go for English breakfast. Coffee is drinkable. Food was OK. The place looks ordinary.  Service has done their job.

Is any Good pub nearby?

So far, no luck.

Is any Good restaurant nearby?

They have a Chinese restaurant called “New oriental kitchen”. It is a worse version of Chill Cool near Euston (one of the last decent Sichuan Restaurant in London). Food was OK’ish without being great BUT Service is friendlier than typical experience for Chinese Restaurants. The restaurant looks quite nice but bit neglected.

Is any compelling places to see nearby?

I want to go to Battle of Britain Bunker which is not too far. More about it can be found here:

Is any stunning walks nearby?

You can do walk from here to Rickmansworth via the Grand Union Canal. It is a nice 3-hour idyllic walk. You can stop for a pint in The Coy Carp (Food there is a mixed bag.  Once was disappointing but another time  fish and chips was really good.)

Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (