Working with people in the disabilities.


I know that writing bad things is trendy on the internet of the anonymous hate, so honest warning, this note will contain good thing about McDonald’s.


I just read about McDonald’s worker with down syndrome who is celebrating 30 years at work. (Article can be found here: ).

That inspired me to write about my experience of working with the disabled people. When I worked at McDonald’s my favourite day was Wednesday because I could work with Matthew and Carlos (on the picture with me) and they had a disability but working with them was a fantastic experience because they bring happiness and shows how to be happy about simple things.

How? There is one moment that burns into my head as it is one of the most important lessons in my life.

One day, Carlos was near fries station, and Debbie ( btw. a really excellent manager) got the idea .. why we don’t teach him properly how to made a fries? I said I will do it and Debbie and I spent some time to explain all the steps he needs to do it. Due to his problem with hearing we needed to figure out how to help him recognised that fries are ready, but we found the way.

We did formal training and ask Carlos to do fries on his own. Believe or not, he managed not only put fries in the fryer, but when they were ready, he got very excited, and then he took out and add salt and prepare some medium-sized packages.
Fries looks perfect according to McDonald’s standards so he passed this course and Carlos was super proud of himself, and It was a moment when I feel really proud of him and I understood how important is to be happy about achievement despite how easy is to others.

That was and still is a reminder to me that even simple achievement is still achievement despite how easy it is for others because simple steps help you achieve complex goals.


I believe it is crucial that we employ these people because they deserve to be a valuable member of our society and they can show us an example of simple happiness and add some empathy

Ps. He is officially employer and he still working there on Wednesday and Friday! I think he works there for 15 or even more years!