USS Dominik @ Harrow-on-the-Hill

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

Station and Area:

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

  1. Originally called Harrow and but it was renamed in 1894 to Harrow-on-the-hill.
  2. The current name is misleading because the station is the centre of the Harrow and on the bottom of the Harrow on the hill. The area is famous for an independent boarding school named Harrow School.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

Currently, I haven’t seen any independent coffee place at Harrow.

Is Good pub nearby?

I tried The Junction pub but it found it an uninteresting and plain. The Royal Oak is another disappointing pub.

TODO: Visit The Castle (

Is Good restaurant nearby?

If you looking for cheap South Asian food then try Noodle City at Harrow. It is quite good value for money place. The portion is quite big and food tastes good at this price. They have quite drinkable juice. The place will never win an interior design award but it is practical.

Is interesting places to see nearby?

Harrow on the hill is one of the hidden gems in London. If you ever end up here you should go and see Harrow School area at Harrow on the hill. Harrow School is a famous boarding school for boys. Harrow School was founded in 1572 by local farmer John Lyon who re-establish a free grammar school. There is public tour 3 times per year (details here: and they have a museum which open …sometimes on Saturday.


Interesting walks nearby?

There is a connection from Harrow on the hill to Capital Ring Link. There is no official walk as far I am aware of but you are here I recommend you to walk Harrow-on-the-hill -> Lansdrow Rd.  then the path that passes “Catholic Church of Our Lady and Saint Thomas of Canterbury” to Churchfields and walks towards Pye House. From there you can walk to actual Harrow on the hill and explore that area and then walk back to the station.


Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page: