USS Dominik @ Chalfont and Latimer

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

chalfont latimer
chalfont latimer

This station was open on 08.07’1889. I visited this station on 18.08’2018. At the time of writing this blog, I visited 39 stations this year (14%). Since I started this project, I visited 55 stations (20%), and I passed 155 stations. (57%).

I must admit that I didn’t expect too much from Chalfont and Latimer. As it turns out it has a few things to offer. It is a good starting point for a few walks, interesting Italian shop and shop with antique clocks.

The station is small. It has one entrance, and you need use subway to go to another side. It has toilets and waiting room but nothing exciting to report. It has 3 platforms, but only 2 are in use. The third platform was used by old 4 car stock to run between here and Chesham.

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

  1. When Metropolitan line trains introduced A60 and A62 stock, the Chesham branch was served by a single four-car unit until 11.12’2010. So all trains went to Amersham, and shuttle train went to Chesham. It meant 4 trains per hour to either direction. When they introduce S Stock, they couldn’t carry on because while the Old stock was run as two 4 car trains while S Stock is 8 cars that is walk through so the train and can’t be split. As a result, Chesham gets only 2 trains per hour these days.
  2.  It opened as “Chalfont Road”  but changed its name to Chalfont and Latimer on  1 November 1915.
  3. It is one of the two stations in Buckinghamshire.
  4. It is one of the five stations outside M25.
  5. Longest distance between stations  on the London Underground is between Chesham and Chalfont & Latimer. Distance between these station is 6.3km.
  6. Platform 3 (disused) at Chalfont & Latimer is the shortest platform on the Metropolitan line. It is 75m long.

Is Good independent coffee place or Restaurant nearby?

While I was walking around, I found an Italian place called Fillippettos. The shop looks quite nice, but it is small and feels crowdy as every inch of the shop is used. Service was excellent even though the guy did the job of 3 people. As it turns out it was the owner who mentioned to another customer that currently his place is understaffed as his staff was on holiday. I ordered coffee and a sandwich. Americano Coffee was tasty. Spicy salami sandwich was very delicious but quite pricey. It costs 4 pounds, but the quality is worth trying it. It has some interesting main courses too, but I didn’t try on this occasion.

If you for whatever reason end up here then, Fillippettos ( is recommended place to go.

Is any Good pub nearby?

I saw closed down pub only in this area, but I guess there are more nearby.

Is any compelling places to see nearby?

  • There is a Little Chalfont Nature Park nearby.
  • There is an Antique clock shop called Carlton Clocks. It has a fantastic collection of impressive old clocks. Worth to pop in to see it.

Is any stunning walks nearby?

Chalfont and Latimer is a good starting point for Chess Valley walk (in my opinion better than  Chesham).


It is not as a dull station that I expected. The main reason to come to Chalfont&Latimer will be pop in the clock shop, eat at Fillippettos and as starting points for some walk to Chess Valley.

Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (