(Un)Lucky numbers in the Chinese culture.

In this post, I would like to write about lucky and unlucky numbers in Chinese culture.

六 and 八 are considered as lucky numbers so you can see people spend a fortune to be able to use 6’s and 8’s in their phone numbers, registration and so on.

四 is considered an unlucky number (as it is pronounced similar to 死 which means death and you can notice that like it some hotel and hospitals do not have the 4th floor.

In China, pairs seem to be associated with happy events. For example, during wedding ceremony you can see 喜喜 everywhere。 It stands for double happiness that and it is used to celebrate happiness for the couple.



I am not qualified Mandarin Chinese Teacher or native Chinese speaker. It means my notes about Mandarin Chinese may contain mistakes. If you spot any error, let me know in comments below.