Dom’s 32 Hours On Trains In the UK Challenge Report – part 1 – Introduction

Dom 32 hours on the train in UK
Dom 32 hours on the train in the UK

A few months ago I wrote about a challenge I was planning to do. I planned to travel from London Euston to London Paddington via Aberdeen and Penzance. More about it can be found here:

This is a 6 part series report about my Dom 32 hours on the train in UK challenge that I did between 11-13.10’2018. I split this report into the following parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Before travel
  3. London Euston -> Aberdeen by Caledonian Sleeper
  4. Aberdeen -> Penzance by CrossCountry
  5. Penzance -> London Paddington by Night Rivera/GWR
  6. Thoughts and summary
  7. (Bonus) Delay repay process


Last part was unexpected as I didn’t plan my travel to go that wrong but I want to share my experience with claiming money back.

Somewhere in the fields
Somewhere in the fields

In a few sentences. How was it?

Well, my plan was to have a relaxed a trip on 3 unique travel trips. The trip however changed into a survival adventure. Despite all of the problems I had during this trip, I had a great time doing this even if things go according to plan B or even C.  What went wrong? Let’s me just write for now that none of the 3 trains I took arrived at the destination and my trip was affected by:

  • Derailment of the train.
  • No dispatch person on the platform.
  • Lack of the crew (Driver was on another train).
  • The driver requires brake by law.
  • Person hit by the train.
  • Damage to the overhead electric wires between stations.
  • Inspection of the track.
  • The poor condition of the track
  • Poor weather conditions caused by the Callum storm.
  • and a few more I didn’t manage to write down.
and good service on all other lines...
and good service on all other lines…

As results of these events, I decided to split my report into a few short blog entries.

All live updates, pictures and videos that from this trip can be also found here:


In the next part, I will talk about events prior travel and my experience in the Virgin Trains First Class Lounge.

Virgin Trains First Class Lounge
Virgin Trains First Class Lounge


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