How to learn chinese character?

It is simple. Practice a lot.

In this post, I wrote a few tricks that can help you learn Chinese character.

  • Remember about the order of writing the character (it will help you to remember).
  • Try to connect the meaning of the word with something (for example when you write down car, try to think about your car).
  • While you writing a character try to pronounce it.
  • On average. You need write each character 100 times on the first time. At the end of the week. Repeat these character 25 times and then do it again at the end of the month. However, it depends on your learning style.
  • If you want practice characters, you can try my app for Android Doms learn Chinese Doms Learn Chinese on Google Play
  • It is worth to learn radicals. A Chinese radical is a graphical element of a Chinese character. It is used as order and way how it is listed in a Chinese dictionary. I wrote the game to practice radicals that can be downloaded from here: Doms Chinese Radicals Game