USS Dominik @ Ravenscourt Park

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

Ravenscourt Park
Ravenscourt Park

This station was open on 01.04’1873, but District line start stops here since 1 June 1877. It is located in zone 2. I visited this station on 08.01’2019. At the time of writing this blog, I visited 6 station(s) this year (2%). Since I started this project, I visited 63 station(s). (23%) and I passed 165 station(s) (61%). I passed through 58% station of District line stations.

The area around Ravenscourt Park feels dodgy. People in this area are very unfriendly. I like this place anyway because there is “Polish Social and Cultural Association” where is a polish cafe, restaurant and some polish event. On the side of the building, you can see some information about Poland. When I was there in 2019, it was information about how Poland become independent again).

Luckily, the station looks great and have a few features that make it worth visit. I haven’t been on all stations yet, but I believe that stations on Piccadilly line (although Piccadilly line does not stop here) have the best design.

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

  • The metropolitan line stops here between 1877 and 1906.
  • Piccadilly line stops here only on a special occasion like engineering works on District line.

Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

Cafe Cino
Cafe Cino

There are a few coffee places in this area. I chose Cafe Cino. It is a tiny place with few window seats. I bought coffee and muffin. Coffee tastes very milky and reasonably priced. I purchased a chocolate muffin which tastes OK. Not bad place but there are better-looking places in this area.

Coffee and Muffin
Coffee and Muffin

Is any Good pub nearby?

I don’t drink at 9.30am or before tests, and as I was there at 9.30am and before tests, so I have 2 reasons to not visit a pub at that time.

Is any Good restaurant nearby?

Cafe Maya

I visited cafe Maya which is part of Lowiczanka restaurant. It is a Polish restaurant that offers some Polish food (quite lovely). It is a great designed place with traditional Polish elements. Staff behave traditionally which means cold and ‘fake’ polite. 

Is any compelling places to see nearby?

There is a park with a catchy name.. Ravenscourt Park but … I didn’t have time to explore it. There is a Furnivall Gardens nearby which a park which I need explore it someday.

Is any stunning walks nearby?


Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (