Chesham walk: Chartridge ‘Hills and Vales’

WARNING: This is not a review. This is just about experience I had during this walk.

Quick take away points, if you not bother to read whole article

  1. Chesham town is beautiful.
  2. Many public footpath sings.
  3. Many alternatives to extend or shorten you walk.
  4. There is no any shops or public toilets but with small diversion you can find few pubs where you can rest.
  1. Walk do not have own sign on route.
  2. It is not suitable for people with pushchair.
  3. Sandwich in sandwich bar was too expensive.

It was advertures walk and I enjoyed it. There are many nice views.


I tried sandwich in local Sandwich bar . It was OK, but it is worth to mentioned that they charge me £3 but everywhere is written £2.95. I have rule, that if this kind of thing happen I

I tried to see Chesham museum but they  just closed down during lack of funding.

Chesham had museum. Unfortunately, when I went there they just close a museum due lack of funding.

I chose walk 5 with option 2 as this walk has 3 options, so this time i walk from begining until x where I chose option 2 to back to home. In next part I am planning do walk from end to

9 Pictures :

I started my walk from … getting lost due lack of signs. It wasn’t last time when I got lost during walk.There are no any sings for walks, but they are sings for public footpath. I always try to follow public sign and use GPS only if I feel I am in wrong place.I get lost 3 times, but it was a good fun for me as I end up in field with full of animals. Scenary is combination of fields and little hills.  Walk has  combination of narrow local roads, trough fields and pederstian path

There are a few more walks in this area that I hope to explore soon. List of them can be found here: