Is Starcraft2 and StarCraft franchise dead ?

I don’t normally do commentary on the news in the game industry but as a fan of the StarCraft I have noticed something that is very worrying and somehow ommited by most.

Let’s start from my view on current situation in game industry in one paragraph as it helps you to see my bias in this matter.

It is a extremely toxic and poisonous industry and main reason why I never want work for game company. In fact, it is something I even mention in my CV. What EA, Ubisoft ,Warner, Activisin and many others AAA publishers do these days is to creating a Gambling pre-alpha version games that used various psychological tricks to drain cash from players who become gambling addicts. However I don’t want repeat what great comentators like Jim Sterling, John Bain and others said/wrote about it already.

Last year shows that Blizzard’s soul is bleeding out by Activision’s body. It was exodus of key people from Blizzard, Diablo Immortal a mobile game showed to PC gamers .. and now, lay offs around 8 % (around 775 people, depends on the source).

Shareholders are happy with this news and record profits. Gamers community feels disgust with fact that they lay off peole that in the very nasty way after great results.


As fan of Starcraft franchise, there was a quote in earnings report where Activison states :

” it refocuses its efforts on its Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo.”

souce: Activision Blizzard

Starcraft haven’t been mentioned. My question are:

  • What will happen to StarCraft ?
  • What will happen to e-sport aspects of StarCraft ? It will be suddenly kill like HotS ?

Is it an end of the one of my favourite game (after XCOM and Diggers)?

Based on what’s going on with Blizzard. It sounds very likely, specially that Blizzard we knew is no more. Reason are :

  • Orginal Blizzard key people left. New people do not understand fanbase. Diablo immortal is a proof. Great game for Chinese mobile audiance but shown to PC gamers in USA.
  • This game is not up to today’s Activision standards. It is not designed and balanced for loot boxes and micro transactions.
  • Expensive to maintain.
  • Not as popular as Fornite.

As result, i think Blizzard will phase out this franchise. It will be sad for me as I enjoy to watch StarCraft e-sport matches.

What’s your opinion? Is StarCraft surive? Let me know in comment below.