How to set brightness in AOC I1659FWUX ?

The solution works for many monitors but this note focus on AOC I1659FWUX.

I bought AOC I1659FWUX. It is a Portable monitor (USB powered). It has a few issues. One of them is you can’t set brightness out of the box, because:

  • The monitor does not have any buttons, so you can’t set brightness. Windows do not allow change brightness.
  • Display link does not have any settings too. (Application that you need install to improve the experience with using a monitor).

The only solution I found is to install third-party tools. The tool I found, and it works with my laptop (Asus G771JMC) called PangoBright that you could download from

  1. Download application
  2. Copy to the folder where you keep your programs
  3. Run it (There is no UI, it will be appear in Toolbar)
  4. Press right click on icon where you can set brightness level and on which monitor should apply
  5. Done

From my experience, it works in most cases. I experience rare glitches but 99% of the time it works.

Is this solution works for you?
What other tools did you try and it works for you?
Let me know in comments.

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