AOC I1659FWUX Everyday Review

It is my experience with the everyday use of AOC I1659FWUX.
It could be useful for people looking for a portable secondary screen or secondary screen. This review focus on daily experience and not on technical aspects.

This is not a professional review. so if you looking for synthetic tests, horny teenager unboxing and so on then you can leave this page as you will waste your precious time.

screen in vertical mode

Bullet points to take away if you are in a rush:

  • + IPS Screen
  • + light (1.2 kg)
  • + Carry case
  • – Annoying constant high-pitch noise
  • – Quality of USB cables included
  • – No power button
  • – No ability to control; brightness and so on.

My recommendation is DO NOT BUY this monitor. I mean, it is a great monitor, and an annoying noise may not be a problem in a noisy cafe or office, but if you want to use in a quiet place, then it will drive some people mad with sensitive ears.


As part of my office desk project, I wanted to have a 3 monitors setup. I use the third screen to shows various information or watch streams. At first, I used 7-Inch Elecrow Monitor. It was designed for Rasberry PI, but it works well with my laptop. However, I needed this screen for my other project.

While I was exploring options, I discover that you can monitor that can be connected through USB 3.0. My reason why I prefer this over mini DisplayPort is due I can reduce the amount of cable that is connected to my laptop. I am using 4 USB hub that I can connect to 2 laptops so that I can switch between my home laptop and another laptop. I had two decent choices ASUS and AOC. After comparison, I decided to go with AOC due to better specifications, and it costs less.

AOC is not a well-known brand but my first monitor in my life was AOC, and it works very well, then I bought another one for my laptop in the past, which I am still using as my secondary laptop in the current setup.


Box came with monitor, great looking carry case, crap looking cable and CD. Most portable devices do not have an ancient drive to use it. I think it will be more useful to add a piece of paper with a link to the driver and info that you need to install first.

The monitor works out of the box, but I faced a few issues. For example, I need re-connect whenever laptop awake from sleep. I fixed this problem after using drivers. I downloaded from the website as I wonder who are Installing drivers from CD in 2019? CD is a medieval solution. Anyway, it fixes most of the problem.
Unfortunately, after a few minutes, I start hearing high-pitch noise coming from the Monitor. It is acceptable for me, but it annoys other people. It becomes problematic to use for example at night as it annoys other people. It becomes an unbearable problem for quite a few people I test it on.


It is a 15.6″ IPS Display with a resolution 1920×1080@60Hz. It weighs 1.2kg which is quite light for Monitor. More details can be found here:


BSOD happen but it do not affect AOC display 🙂
  • I bought this screen to have my third screen where I can keep various stats and data so I don’t need to keep opening and closing tabs or watch something while I work on 2 screens. For this purpose, it is excellent.
  • The display is great.
  • You can’t change brightness out of the box. You need third party software for that. Check my article here, how I did it:
  • It has no buttons so there is no way to change brightness or switch on/off
  • I discovered that according to the manual .”Important!! Install the USB Graphic software first before connecting the USB monitor to your computer. ” Information that in my opinion should be on the Monitor.
  • Drivers should provide on a USB stick or a piece of paper with a link (to website or USB drive but not on CD because ultrabook does not have CD/DVD/Blue-ray drive.
  • This sentence misleads me. “Connect this portable 16″ extra monitor with one single USB cable.”. It turns out USB use 2 USB ports.
  • The USB cable is poor. It is quite short. It can be tricky to connect if you use one part of the cable to charge monitor and another for display.
  • When my Windows surprised me with BSOD, then it is interesting to see that portable monitor still displays weather 🙂
  • It works very well when you are on the go. If you use a powered USB hub and connect through this screen. It is an excellent solution for digital nomads.

If I could improve what I will do?

  • Eliminate the noise coming from the Monitor will be make
  • Add brightness button at least
  • I think the touchscreen will be nice to have


Sadly I rushed my decision to buy AOC, and I regret that a little bit. I mean, it is a great monitor, but an annoying noise is too irritating to overcome. It may not be a problem in a noisy cafe or office, but if you want to use in a quiet place, then it will drive some people mad. It is a shame because if not this noise it will be a great monitor as other issues are easy to fix it.

Result: Do NOT BUY this monitor.

Mark: 0+/4 Unusable for people with sensitive ears.