Let’s try airplane food: “Mediterranean Tapas Platter” by BA

BA’s Airbus 320

On the flight from Malta to London Gatwick, I decided to order something from the trolley.

BA offers “M&S food” which I don’t like it personally, so “Mediterranean Tapas Platter” is the best option for what BA offers. It costs £4.95.

It contains:

  • Salami
  • Olives
  • Spanish reganas crackers
  • Habas Fritas
  • Salsa sauce

My opinion.

Sausage tastes great. Olives were good. Crackers were quite tasty. Fritias was quite good. The portion was decent. Another good thing is that there are not too many crap ingredients.

As summary “Mediterranean platter” for 4.95 and it is an excellent value for airplane food. It is the best food option from BA’s food trolley and one of the few that are not “M&S” branded.

Ps. On the one of the pictures, you can see coffee (in the tea cup)

You are making this coffee like tea. Powder smells nice but coffee tastes like … coffee juice. Not recommended.