Garmin Tempe. My experience with set it up and use it.


Main takeaways:

  • Setting up this device was a nightmare. Installing battery was hard, connect this device took me hours due to misleading information.
  • If you REALLY, really need an accurate measurement of temperature every minute then this device is for you. Otherwise, you don’t need to buy it.


When I bought my Garmin watch, I have noticed that the temperature sensor shows the temperature of my skin, so it is not the temperature of my body or ambient temperature of the place I am. I wanted to know the temperature of the office where I work for some curiosity reasons. It gives me a reason to buy a Garmin Tempe. I want also track temperature when I am on some long walks and hikes.

I bought it, and it comes in a small package.
As always I am not an insta-unboxing model, so I left this to pro :).

Make Garmin Tempe to pair with Garmin watch

The worst part of using Garmin Tempe is to make this work with my Garmin watch. I tried to set up and use it. It took me a few hours. First. I tried to put the battery inside and close the bloody lid when you have sweaty fingers is a challenge (I think, I shared too much information, Sorry). When I did it, then I tried to pair many times, and nothing happens. I thought I didn’t install the battery correctly, so I re-install battery which took me ages. Nothing. I was expecting that mu device is faulty.

It turns out, Garmin Tempe sends measurement once per minute, and it is only time when you can pair this with your watch. When I figure out this nuance, then I managed to pair it easily with just 35 attempts.

Everyday experience

It measure a temperature every minute and it does it well.

I start using it, and I discover a problem. If you are using Garmin Tempe, then Garmin Fenix 6 does not show temperature from the internal sensor. It is not bug or drawback, but I want to know the temperature difference, and I couldn’t see it. The good news there is an app for that shows you both temperature.

I didn’t do any scientific tests. I did, however, compare Garmin Tempe with a few devices that measure ambient temperature and Garmin Tempe shows the same result. At least in the range between 5 and 25 degrees.

Battery should last around 1 year but this I will now in few months time is it true or not 🙂


Is it worth buying it? If you need a measurement of ambient temperature every minute for whatever reason, then this sensor will do an excellent job for you. It is NOT must-have addition to your watch, and there must be a unique reason for you to buy it, especially if your watch already has an internal sensor.