Perfect amenity kit v.1 – 2020 edition.

Let’s start from the I am not aviation geek or person who flight very often, but I do fly a few times per year, and I had an idea for the post for what I would like to have in my perfect amenity kit.


  • It must be a limit to max 10 items
  • I must actually use them.

This is what I would love to get:

  1. Pen and Paper- it useful when you need write a arrival card or some information.
  2. Mouthwash as is more useful than dental kit.
  3. Cleaning cloth for deviceswith so many devices that you are using it is good to have something to clean it.
  4. Eye maskuseful for sleeping and it actually helps me takes a longer nap on short flights.
  5. Hand creamto keep my hand silky as my skin very annoying.
  6. Pillow mistbecause I like it to use it with eye mask to have a better sleep. Is it any real difference? No but it works on me.
  7. Tissue packit comes handy if you need clean after mess. It means, I don’t need to bother flight attendant.
  8. Mintsso you when I interact with people they are not faiting.
  9. Lip balm the same as with the skin.
  10. Bag that can be use after flight because I like reusable goodies.

That what I would love to have is in my amenity kit.

I am not flying in business classes, so I created my own and use it instead. (I got a few items from previous flight that I am reusing.

I hope you will find this useful when you make your own amenity kit.