USS Dominik @ South Kenton

Part of USS Dominik exploring all tube stations series

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

South Kenton

This station was open on 3.07.1933. I visited this station on 06.06’2018. At the time of writing this blog, I visited 9 stations this year (3%). Since I started this project, I visited 91 stations (33%), and I passed 222 stations. (81%). I passed 96% of stations of Bakerloo line so far.

South Kenton
South Kenton

This is a typical boring suburban station   There are a few non-interested shops there. There are 2 fields called parks. This is a good station if you want do Capital ring walk as it is passing this station. There is no independent coffee place or restaurant.

South Kenton Platform
South Kenton Platform


  1. This station does not have ticket gates.
  2. The Bakerloo line service was withdrawn between September 1982 and June 1984.
  3. It is least used station on the Bakerloo line.
  4. The station code is SOK which in Polish means juice 🙂

Is any good walks nearby?

It is a great starting point for Capital Ring starting point as you can do South Kenton to Hendon or South Kenton to Greenford as both Hendon and Greenford offers better food options as there is nothing in South Kenton.

Is any Good pub nearby?

There is a The Windermere Pub with apparently amazing timber-panelled interior. Shamefully, I have been only once there to look around but when I want to go for I pint I though it was pernamently closed, while writing this post I checked and apparentaly it is still open (well during lockdown is actually closed but it will be re-open on 4th July and I am planning to visit this year).

Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (