DAT News | 003 Tegel Airport is closed.

DAT stands for Dom’s Airplane & Trains. It is a series of curated news where apart of information itself I mentioned my personal story and opinion.

Tegel Airport

I just read that today (8.11’2020), they close down Tegel Airport for passenger traffic. I have been at this airport once, and it looks incredible because I am a big fan of “retro-concrete/glass futuristic 80’s style” design. The combination of the hexagonal main terminal building and it makes me felt like I am on spaceport before the flight into space on a spaceship.

Unfortunately, this airport was destined to close down ages ago its (and Schönefeld Airport) significant majestic replacement Berlin Brandenburg Airport supposed to be open in 2011. In quite an Ungerman way, the opening was a bit delayed … 9 years to precise. 

This delay allowed me to explore Tegel Airport in 2018 when it was overcrowded and unloved, but my creative imagination believes that with some awesome redesign. I think it could be a quaint and cute airport or spaceport.