USS Dominik @ Moorgate

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

This station is in zone 1 and belongs to the City of London. The station was opened as Moorgate Street on 23.12’1865 by the Metropolitan Railway. I visited this station on 3.01.2017 (My workplace was near this station).

The name came area that took its name from the Moorfields, a spot on the north of the wall. This station was the terminus of the first-ever extension on Metropolitan Railway from the original terminus at Farringdon. From posters on the station, I learn that Moorgate was a terminus for a few railways and a major hub for Omnibuses and trolleybuses.

My workplace was near, so I used this station for 2 years and I didn’t like this station.

you waiting for train that has destination … Moorgate 😀
At Moorgate , they really want you to know way to Northen line
I wish to drive on this to home 😀

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

  1. One of few stations in the zone where some exits do not have barriers.
  2. In London has fallen “King’s Cross station” scene was filmed at Moorgate.
  3. This station is unique because it is the terminus for trains and Underground
  4. When Crossrail will be opened between Liverpool Street and Moorgate and this will create an underground interchange with these stations (betwen Northern line platforms at Moorgate and Central line on Liverpool Street end.
  5. In 1975 the Northern City Line platforms were the site of the Moorgate tube crash in which 43 people were killed and 74 injured —the worst peacetime accident in the history of the London Underground. Read more about it here:

Is interesting places to see nearby?

  1. Guildhall
  2. Another place worth to see is Finsbury Circus garden. Sadly when I was there it contains a fine collection of Crossrail construction stuff like barracks, trucks and so on.

Is any Good independent coffee place nearby?

There is a “Wild & Wood Coffee” near Moorgate. They offer awesome coffee and decent cakes. If you fan of wood-like design and/or church pews seats this will be your place to go.

Is any Good pub nearby?

I tried The Globe and it looks old school and it is good for quick pint when. However, I want to try Old Doctor Butler’s Head as it looks spectacular.

Is Good restaurant nearby?:

Almost all of them are chain restaurants but my favourite spot that is closer to Liverpool Street is Bierschenke restaurant with decent German food. The best place to eat in the city during lunch is … Porterford Butchers where they offer tasty. It is not a perfect location for vegetarians. They only vegetarian option there are roasted potatoes.