Dom Quests: All 112 Overground stations challenge – Part 1: About

Oveground map


A few years back, I started to do a challenge once per year. I wanted to do some train (and/or aeroplane) quest to explore the world. 

The idea was inspired by Top Gear/Grand Tour epic challenges and YouTube videos by Geoff Marshall ( ), Dennis Bunnik ( ), Jeb Brooks ( ) and a few more. 

My plans for this year were cancelled. I planned to take a train trip from London to Tianjin. Unfortunately, due to current events in the world, I cannot do it. I am working on alternative plans. 

I have many ideas, including some smaller ones. I wanted to do all the Underground tube station challenges. However, I decided to explore London by seeing every tube station and surroundings, so I came out with an alternative idea. I decided to do all the Overground routes and stations challenge. My idea is not unique. It was done many times. There are even rules: and Top Times:


I want to visit all stations and cover all paths on the Overground network in one day.


  1. Challenge is to visit all stations and covers all routes paths. It includes secret Battersea Park station and a path between stations. I am allowed to walk or use public transport between stations instead of using Overground if I cannot do Battersea Park and Wandsworth Road.
  2. Visit means stop at the station and arrive to/depart from the station. If the station is closed due to engineering works or emergency. I am allowed to pass through or take public transport that stops next to the station. 
  3. Path means I cover all branches of the path. It includes for example, Surry Quays- Queens Road Peckham, Surry Quays – New Cross and New Cross Gate or Battersea Park and Wandsworth Road (as a valid path )
  4. If service suddenly gets suspended, I am allowed use public transport to cover the path as close as possible.
  5. Transfers between stations can be done ONLY on foot or public transport (Bus, Tram, Train or a London’s public bicycle hire scheme).
  6. Timer. Time starts when the train begins to move at the start station, and then it ends when I physically set foot on the platform at your finishing station.
  7. I CANNOT use trains run by other operators that run on the SAME tracks as those used by Overground trains and calling at the SAME stations. 

As you can see, my rules differ from typical rules. I include all paths, and I cannot use other services on the Overground line to tick them as I was travelling on the Overground.


Legend: Mode of transport : 

(O) Overground, (T) Train, (W) Walk, (B) Bus

The plan is based on how Geoff Marshall did in his challenge (

  1. (O) Watford Junction 5.13 → Euston
  2. (T) Euston → Victoria
  3. (T) Victoria → Battersea Park
  4. (O) Battersea Park to Wandsworth Road
  5. (O) Wandsworth Road to Clapham Junction
  6. (T) Clapham Junction to Richmond
  7. (O) Richmond to Willesden Junction
  8. (O)Willesden Junction → Clapham Junction
  9. (O)Clapham Junction → Highbury & Islington station
  10. (O)Highbury & Islington station → Clapham Junction
  11. (T) Clapham Junction → East Croydon
  12. (W) East Croydon → West Croydon
  13. (O) West Croydon → Sydenham railway station
  14. (O) Sydenham railway station → Crystal Palace
  15. (W) Crystal Palace→ Surrey Quays
  16. (O) Surrey Quays – > New Cross Gate
  17. (O) New Cross Gate → Dalston Junction railway station
  18. (O) Dalston Junction railway station → Liverpool Street
  19. (O) Liverpool Street → Cheshunt
  20. (O) Cheshunt → Edmonton Green
  21. (O) Edmonton Green → Enfield Town railway station
  22. (B) Enfield Town railway station → Chingford railway station
  23. (O) Chingford railway station → Hackney Downs railway station
  24. (O) Hackney Downs railway station → Hackney Central
  25. (O) Hackney Central → Highbury & Islington station
  26. (O) Highbury & Islington station → Stratford
  27. (C) Stratford → Romford
  28. (O) Romford → Upminster
  29. (T) Upminster → Barking
  30. (O) Barking → Gospel Oak


There are 112 stations on the Overground as of 25 April 2022. Since I start writing down my progress at the beginning of 2020, I have visited three stations this year(2%). I visited four stations (3%). I passed 18 stations (16%). However, I explored much more in the past. This will change a lot after the event.

I will start my challenge on 28.04.2022 at 5.13,
I expect it will take 12 hours.
Can I wake up so early?
Can I survive many hours on the train?
Can I get lost during changes between trains?
What will go wrong?
Stay tuned for my quest retrospective from this upcoming adventure.