USS Dominik @ Croxley

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:


Originally opened as Croxley Green on 2.11’1925. I visited this station on 15.06’2017. The station is in Zone 7, and at first, the only feature I liked was a very spacious toilet with a glass roof. On the way out I saw a few posters with a history of the steam train. Sadly, nothing is interesting about surrounding because area because it is a typical suburbs station with a crap looking shops. The Croxley is maybe dull regarding the architecture except if you like old neglected cottage houses, but Croxley is full of green places to explore.


Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

I didn’t find anything interesting near the station, but if you walk a few minutes towards Croxley Green, then you can find a place called “Coffee House And Deli” ( They have a good but too expensive coffee. Latte cost £3 which is a typically higher price for coffee in the city, but it is too much for suburbs.  While I was there, I saw something heartwarming. Cleaner in this place was a disabled person, and I admire how the staff took great care of him.

They offer some hipster-friendly “fodder”, but I didn’ try it.

Is Good pub nearby?

There are a few pubs but they look like chains. I need to do more research on it.

Is Good restaurant nearby?

There is no good restaurant in this area, but there is a farmhouse pizza that offers decent pizza to take away.

Is interesting places to see nearby?


Interesting walks nearby?

The only reason to come here if you are not live here is many walk options.

  1. Walk around Croxley Common Moor. (
  2. Walk from Croxley to Rickmansworth or Watford via Ebury walk.
  3. There is as well Croxley Green Boundary Walk that hasn’t done yet (but I walk most parts as part of different walks)


Croxley is a great starting point for some walk around Croxley or goes to Rickmansworth, Watford or even Chesham (via Chess Valley walk).

Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (