USS Dominik @ Canary Wharf

USS stands for underground’s secret search, and it is about exploring things around London’s underground station. Read more about it in my introduction:

This station is in the zone 2. This station was open on 07.08.1999. I visited this station on 23.08’2018. At the time of writing this blog, I visited 42 stations this year (15%). Since I started this project I visited 58 stations (21%) and I passed 163 stations. (60%).

Canary Wharf is a great place for people who love glass, concrete and city lifestyle. Sadly I am not one of them, because for me these places are heartless for me. I always feel in this

canary wharf
canary wharf

Canary Wharf Station is very spacious but it looks like a church in the raw state (before you put all decorations).

Any interesting historical events and Trivia

  1. Canary Wharf is classified as Out-of-Station Interchange. It has an interchange with not one but two stations Canary Wharf (Docklands Light Railway) and Heron Quays. More about Out-of-Station Interchange can be found here: .
  2. This is the only place where 3 stations are connected via the shopping centre.
  3. If you change at Canary Wharf between Jubilee Line and DLR, use Heron Quays instead of Canary Wharf. It is a few quick minutes faster. I didn’t do a proper race, but in my case, it was 3 minutes difference.


Is Good independent coffee place nearby?

I went to Taylor St Baristas. The place has a typical wooden hipster style which I like. The only problem I found is a music is quite noisy and the selection of tunes is not my cup of tea. I ordered a latte. Medium latte cost staggering ..3.5 pounds. It is the most expensive coffee I bought so far. Good news is scrumptious.  Service was good. Overall. It is a great place for a quick coffee break.


Is any Good pub nearby?

I didn’t look for pubs as I am interested in an old pub with some unique or interesting feature or story. I am sure there are great pubs here they just not what I am looking for.


Is any Good restaurant nearby?

This place is very polluted with chain restaurants and from my quick research, there weren’t any interesting unique restaurants.


Is any compelling places to see nearby? Is any stunning walks nearby?

If you love architecture full of glass, concrete and tarmac, then Canary Wharf is your heaven. For me, it is .. a soulless place. However. Despite what I just wrote. I think it is a great place to walk around at night. If you like exploring the city at night, come here.


Note: All resources I used to gather knowledge I will keep on the introduction page (