My Parkrun Rickmansworth report .001

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.132 on 14.09.2019 for first time. Pictures from the race can be found on my Instagram:

As part of one of my aims is to back into running, I decided to join to parkrun with my friend, so I am more committed to run.
My first goal was to run 5 km without stopping as for I was unable to do without stopping.

My weight on that day was 118.3kg.
My result was 34:36, and I was 388th out of 475.
In my age category: I was 21 out of 22 runners in today’s run.

I did it! I run the whole 5 km without stopping a single time!
I didn’t expect to achieve that in the first few runs. What is more amazing my next target was to run 5 km in 35 minutes for this year.
I achieve both of them in the first run!
I am proud of myself.

At the moment, I aim to run 5km under 35 minutes for next a few races.