My Parkrun Rickmansworth report .003

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.134 on 28.09.2019.
Weather was perfect. It was cloudly, refreshing breeze and temperature around 18°C.

I had an excellent run. My result was 33.38. My personal best remains at 33.20. I was 339th out of 451.

I was 15 out of 16 in my age category. In Top performances table in my age category in all Rickmansworth parkrun runs I am 459 out of 481.

I made a mistake as accidentally set my pace to 6.45-6.50 min/km instead of 6.30. I feel like it was a good mistake as I struggle a bit with this pace at some point. For a long time, I couldn’t find a person with a good pace to follow.

Overall. I had great fun. Sadly, however, I drop my phone once, and somebody accidentally hit and drop my phone again and damage screen 😦