My Parkrun Rickmansworth report .004

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.135 on 05.10.2019. I haven’t done pictures from the race as I damaged my camera last week.

The weather was dry and cloudy. The temperature around 18°C. It is my favourite condition.

My weight on that day was 114.5 kg.
My result was 31.35, and I was 300th out of 452.
It is my new personal best!
In my age category: I was 13 out of 15 runners in today’s run. In Top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun races, I am 451(up from 459) out of 483 (2 more since last time).

This time, I set my pace to 6.30min/km correctly. I started from 6.20 and kept it for some time, but I was struggling so I drop to 6.30-6.35, but in the end, I run with max speed, and I managed to average to 6.21. I am super proud of this result.

At present, I am planning to run with 6.20min/km for the next few races, and then I will increase by 5-10 second per minute until I achieve 6 min/km which is my aim for this year.