No risk, no fun reviews 001: Harry’s shaver.

From time to my I like to take a risk and an order something from ads/kickstarter. I decided to try a Harry’s shaver as they claimed be “Quality razors, for a fair price.”

I ordered a “The Trial Set” for £3.95 that apparently is worth £15.50. If I read ad correctly I will notice this: “Our Trial Set includes a free Post-Shave Balm (limited-time offer, use code SOOTHE at checkout” but I was suggested to order a mystery product for £5 .. so I bought it and that turns out to be …. Post-Shave Balm that I could got it for free. I love feel like a loser.

Let’s from packing..

I always like sense of humour


With shaver I got shave gel and post-shave balm


Let’s start from shaver. It is really good. Comfortable to hold and use. Blades are amazing. It turns out to be better that Gillette ones and cuts my beard with ease and without scalp half of my face. I think it is thanks to to really awesome shave and post-shave gel. In fact in future, even if I don’t switch to Harry’s blades. I will carry on buying these gels.

Overall. Harry’s blades and gels are as good as advertised.

I was curious about price comparison as it looks a bit odd to me. They compare price £1.75 vs £3 from leading company. Gillette was my posh option for long time and I usually spend around £12-17. Harry’s claims it cost £3 but it turns out they compare 4 blades from Gillette vs 8 blades from Harry’s. The problem is that 4-5 Blades are usually more expensive per blade that 8 blades version that cost £17.99 (£2.25 each) while RPP for £21.00 (£2.63 each). Another thing is that is possible to buy them 25%,33% or even half price. In fact, I usually pay 1.55-1.62 per blade (In fact, I can paid as low £1.20 BUT due to discounts I get on top of the price). In terms of spending, Harry’s blades on average cost exactly the same as other brands. Shaving and post-shave gels seems to be more expensive in comparison to what I usually spent on these things.

Another problem I found is during travel. I can’t buy Harry’s products in the shop, so I still need buy other brands while I am on the go.


It is a quite good shaver worth high price. Blades are excellent. Shave gel is much better than Gillette. Aftershave was great, but I hate it as I paid it instead of getting for free. The website is fantastic and easy to use. I like that you can set recurrent orders of various products.
Two things disappoint me.

  • Mystery purchase thing was my biggest disappointment as I could use code and get for free rather than pay. Whoops.
  • Marketing claims. While the claim is legally correct about price but it based on the unfair comparison. In fact, It is possible to buy leading brand cheaper than Harry’s thanks to half-price promotion.

Am I am planning to switch to Harry’s?

  • It terms of quality for price, Harry’s shaver is a great option.
  • In terms value for price. You can buy competitors cheaper than Harry’s when they in the promotions.

My main reason, I want to switch is because I don’t want use Gillette anymore. Quality is great, but for me it is a bit more expensive than leading brands. However, I think I will keep buy shave gel and post-shave balm as it works well with my skin.