My Parkrun at Rickmansworth report .008

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.139 on 2.11.2019.

The weather was horrible. It was heavy shower, windy and temperature around 11°C. The road was slippery, but volunteers did a fantastic job to clean up the route.

My weight on that day was 111.5 kg(1.3kg↓).

I was 156 out of 269 runners. I was 100th male. I was 9 out of 11 runners in today’s run. In Top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun runs for my age category, I am 442 out of 490(2↑). My time was 31.05 with an average pace of 6:13min/km and an average speed of 9.65km/h, and my personal best stays at 30.32.

The weather was horrible and I needed to run to the race, so I already used a lot of energy, so my plan was to just run without stop. I had slow start and I my hearth rate went very high and stays at my almost max level. In fact, I stay 91% in 5th Hearth Rate Zone. I did struggle for most part of the race but I didn’t give up and I manage to have a strong high speed finish and overtake a few people :).

Overall. I am happy with result and I am will start aiming magical 30 minutes in a few races.