My Parkrun at Rickmansworth report .007

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.138 on 26.10.2019.

The weather was annoying. It was drizzle and windy and temperature around 11°C. The road was quite slippery, but volunteers did a fantastic job to clean up the route.

My weight on that day was 112.8 kg(1.3kg↓).
My time was 30.32 with an average pace of 6.11min/h and average speed of 9.6km/h. It is my new personal best.
I was 166th out of 306 runners. I am close to being in the middle of the results.
In my age category: I was 12 out of 14 runners in today’s run. In Top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun runs, I am 442 out of 488.

I didn’t feel that I have a lot of energy, so I planned to run with a pace around 6.20min/h. I had a speedy start with an average pace of 5.45min/h, but then I run behind a person who had an optimal pace for me to run, around 6min/h. I have noticed that I had again started to struggle between 3.5-4th kilometre, but then I got my energy back, speed up, and I had a fast finish.
As it turns out, I bet my personal best again!
I must admit, I feel the difference wit recovery after a run. As in the beginning, it took me 10 minutes to start the walk to home and then half day of doing nothing at home. Today, it took me a 2-3 minutes before I was able to walk back to home.

I am very proud of myself with today’s result.

My plan is to try to reach 30 minutes by end of this year but my main focus is to prepare to be able to run 10k as I am planning to run in Watford 10k