My Parkrun at Rickmansworth report .005

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.136 on 12.10.2019. Pictures from the race can be found on my Instagram:

The weather was not too terrible. It was drizzling during the race, but it wasn’t windy — the temperature around 11°C.

My weight on that day was 113.9 kg.
My result was 31.10, and I was 243rd out of 386.
It is a NEW personal best. I bet my previous record by 25 seconds.
In my age category: I was 8 out of 11 runners in today’s run. In Top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun runs, I am 446-447 out of 483.

It was quite a heavy raining when I was on the way to parkrun. When I get there, my hoodie was so wet that I decided to run in a t-shirt.
My aim for this run was to finish, and it shouldn’t be my worst run. The race turns out to be interesting as I couldn’t see due to my glasses were wet and full of steam from my body, so I run blindly. I start fast with a pace around 6.05-6.15, and I keep it until 3rd kilometre, so I slow down to 6.40. My finish wasn’t with typical super-fast run due to my heart rate went too high and started to have a minor headache. However, in front of me was a kid who can speed up like supercar, so I didn’t have a chance anyway, but I chase him for quite a bit :). I was proud of myself, anyway.

I was surprised to discover I was 243rd and what was even a bit shocking that I beat my previous personal best by 25 seconds.

It was a great race for me. I must say it was funny to see volunteers advertising for “Sister Act” but big respect to them and all waterproof volunteers! My plans at the moment are to try to run with 6.15min/h pace.