My Parkrun at Rickmansworth report .006

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.137 on 19.10.2019. Pictures from the race can be found on my Instagram: (Comming Soon)

The weather was fantastic. It was cold and sunny with a temperature around 10°C. The only problem was a track. It was wet, a bit and leaves made things very slippery in some places.

My weight on that day was 114.1 kg. (0.2kg 😦 ).
My result was 30.53! I was 283th out of 469.(60.55%, 2.4%↑)
It is my personal best. I bet previous PB.
In my age category: I was 15 out of 17 runners in today’s run. In Top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun runs, I am 445(1↑ out of 486.

It was an enjoyable race. The run was accompanied by pacers from Chiltern Harriers club. They run at a specific pace to help people.
My aim was not to be caught by pacer #32 ( it means this person will finish the race around 32 minutes. I didn’t feel that my run is going well as my watch shows me I am running with a pace of 6.30, but as my glasses steamed, I didn’t really see my watch cleary. On the last kilometre, I was passed by pacer #31. It meant I was run around my PB. I tried as hard as I could to run behind pacer #31, but I just couldn’t keep up, but I manage to catch it with my super-fast finish in the end. I just said to the pacer, I couldn’t catch her, and she replied that actually, she was run a bit too fast and her time is under 31 minutes. It meant, I bet my personal best, and I did.
I am super happy about this unexpected result.
Another thing that amazed me is I feel more tired after the race, but I recover much quicker now.

A the moment, I aim to run around 31 and 31 and a half minutes.