My Parkrun at Rickmansworth report .011

I ran in Rickmansworth Parkrun no.143 on 30.11.2019.

happy after run 🙂

The weather was great . It was cold and sunny. The temperature was around 7°C.

I forgot to weight myself, but last time I checked my weight was 110.1kg.

just few hundred people are preparing to race

I was 254 out of 447 runners. I was 175th or 235 male runners. I was 15th out of 17 runners in my age category. In top performances table in all Rickmansworth’s parkrun #runs for my age category, I am 439 (6↓) out of 495(3↑). My time was 29:59 with an average pace of 5:58 min/km and an average speed of 10.01 km/h, and my personal best stays at 29.37.

after run

It was a great run when I trying to keep with person who has great pace. I managed to catch this person on the finish line. My plan was to run in 30 minutes or faster and I did it.